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So you thought! The first hoop you’ll have to jump through is making a phone call. competition is good for us!!!! They keep telling me Digital will no longer be available. With the advice in the article, I went straight to a request to cancel my service. Everytime we called our internet had misteriously dropped speed and the agent had to raise it back up. Want to cut cable for internet TV? I’d be satisfied with just having Netflix and Hulu Plus. For March the bill is $259, I have the triple play package and one DVR, and own my own cable modem. I’m just trying to get a general sense of price-per-quality. I did call a few months ago and got my bill dropped by around $15. I always get the 12 month price guarantee. There are no comparable bandwidth providers in my area (North Florida) so they have me by the short hairs! It’s not like Obamacare where you need to show proof of internet when you file your taxes every year or you get fined. You : Honestly, Chris I feel frustrated because no one wants to help me. I agree! I told the phone-bot I had a ‘question about disconnecting service’, told the service rep about a competitor’s price ($50/month) and told them I wanted to leave for the competitor unless they had discount or deal I wasn’t aware of. Interesting, but a lone individual against a massive company is not a fair fight. Comcast fears losing customers to AT&T U-Verse, who is offering up some great discounted packages to new customers. If I live long enough, I will call again in a year when my promotional package expires. In that time span I always replaced my motorola set top boxes with smaller X1 boxes I assume to continue to receive HD channels. How else do they soft disconnect your internet service DA. Thanks for your advice Mr. Miller. So I decided to go back to my old method of getting a Comcast discount – a good ole’ fashion phone negotiation. It’s a 2 year package but after 1 year I have to pay the HD fee ($9.95) and the premium stations are no longer free. A person with so little to do he goes on correcting people. with the same internet speed, free HBO for 6 months and an extra digital box for the TV we just got for the bedroom, that for $79.99. I asked for a call back from a manager, but after reading all of the comments here, have very little confidence that that will change anything. And just so you know the only contracts are the two-year agreements. I unfortunately am not in a position to stir the pot at this time! I’m still fuming at being tossed aside so easily. AT&T owns DirecTV.). However, we are unable to offer you a cheaper rate than what you are currently paying right now. They were only able to reduce my bill by like $6…what a waste of a half hour. @bsdetector Yes, they can phok-tard. Well just called back and they said it would cost and additional $3 to have HBO ($144.99 plus tax) since they didn’t offer HBO included at the price the CRA offered me 2 hours ago. It’s ‘technically’ not a scam but in most places Comcast is the only option for internet fast enough for 2018. This is crazy. This is something you 100% must do too. James Nelson. Thanks! Your script worked for me. They’re sneaky…and greedy. $119 base monthly price Yeah right, now that they’ve added that data cap with how much I already use the internet, if I used an internet enabled device for TV viewing, I would be screwed because I would def. Any channels worth a darn to look at are all being moved up to the Digital prefered tier so even having the basic tier is worthless! I’m trying to go from Preferred XF Triple Play bundle back to Digital Preferred because I’m paying $179 a month (which I can’t afford) and they just put in another price increase for December. You’re lucky. oooo crap!!!!! I can't keep doing this. When contacting Comcast/Xfinity, keep in mind that it has separate customer support systems for business and home customers. In some cases, it may be easier for consumers to get their concerns addressed through these channels. My bill had creeped up to $273 total per month over my previously negotiated bill of $223.00. The rep, in Customer Loyalty, could do nothing and I tried, Lord knows I tried, to negotiate a better price. My bill jumped from 150 to 250, guess my 1 year is up!!!! with exactly the same service package. What is U-verse internet speed? Former Comcast employee concurs with the author of this article about useful methods of lowering your bill. And they refuse even me being nice to change it. I was told that the account promo had expired and even though there has been quite a bit of trouble with internet bandwidth and prior to that voice quality that I should be happy that I had never been charged for a tech to be dispatched to diagnose the Comcast network problem. I would totally change to a different provider but husband refuses since it was a pain last time switching from astound to comcast…. Good luck! Customer retention reps have more power to give you a better deal, especially if you name the competitors deal. Same here. Fees used to be less, hence why it only used to cost like $160-ish. Not sure that was really worth the phone call, but it got my dad off my back. price of $89 +$10 modem + taxes = $109 roughly. I’ll just sneek it on later once the dust settles afer the installation, you married guy’s understand? ... Now, the next morning, I am calling Xfinity back again with my ticket number and here is how it's going so far: After 30 minutes, I finally got a hold of someone in the wrong department, they connected me to the right department. Retention. I signed a deal (2 years) in Feb. 2019 for appx. I will change to uverse today. Like you, Comcast is essentially the only choice where I live (Denver) if one wants reliability and speed. And, are indestructible.” Still managed to knock ten bucks off. When I truly examine my viewing habits, I only use: on-demand, starz itself, and ion televison for reruns. Will monitor our bill because we dont trust comcast. (2) Old Rate: We had the “triple play” “HD Digital Starter” at $120/month (plus modem, taxes, etc,) with No Contract. I think if you’ll lock into the 2-year contract you can definitely get a reduction. Now that I’ve woken up and started thinking “what am I even paying for,?” I looked at the itemization. The most important thing about dealing with any cable company, don’t be afraid to cancel your cable for a few weeks or months even. So, what we need is government regulation to even the playing field. navigate the messy phone menus, hold times, and confusion with customer service, especially with larger companies. Very good information. Called about the $30 increase in my bill that I just got last night. They told me my $34.99 promotional deal ended, went up to $44.99 and then stated my bill will be going to $80.00. I’m now back in for $89.99 for the first year (39% off the off-contract rate) and $109.99 for the second year (26% savings from the off-contract rate). Just get a cheap Roku stick, Chromecast or Amazon TV stick (around $25), connect to your wifi and you are good to go. Screwed would be my guess. Same with the cell phone bill!! Chris : Do you mind if I ask a few questions to assist you better? Chris : For the Internet service, may I ask what type of things do you do online? I just used some of your technique to try to get my bill lowered. how do we make money off of people constantly getting $50 off their bill every month?Were losing money at the end of the day if we were to continue that’s why it’s not an option.If you wanna downgrade to lower your bill sure no problem.But to keep what you have hell nah.Pay that bread or go to someone else.#Simple. $41.52 equipment fee She said I had signed up for a 12-month new customer promotion and that I was told when I signed up that the price would go up past these first 12 months. What I do mind is that bill. Perfect service doesn’t need canceled then…WRONG! ok, i will try it when they raise my bill again, thanks! We've created these shortcuts and apps to try to help customers like you (and ourselves!) Need to make changes to my current television plan. Guaranteed bundle prices for x amount of months typically make the caller put it out of mind simply because it’s not an immediate concern. Worth it. I don’t even read their baloney anymore. You must call in to downgrade at all, or discontinue service. So I bought my own Arris Surfboard Xfinity approved gateway from Amazon Warehouse Deals for $28 total…shipped in 2 days and now my monthly cost to Xfinity for internet & cable is $45/mo total!! I just wish I would have pushed for a DVR to be thrown in too! read the internet, watch YouTube 480, I am paying 75 dollars per month for two internet only accounts. I found this helpful. More money grubbing. (almost $300 with all of extra fees if I didn’t get this before it happened, right now im at $222). I’ve been a Comcast Customer for appx. This is a Federal Law, to keep us poor people connected (i.e. AT&T charges $70 for 6GB, so TracFone is cheaper than AT&T , Cricket, Sprint, everybody. How can customers get the best deals and how does Comcast set these policies (retention specialist can negotiate/others cannot). I call and try to get my bill down and get hung up on. for both TV and Internet, for a savings of $56.70, after that my bill will go up $20. Not even 3 months of free HBO?” and he said no. That costs anywhere from $25 to $40 per month. That’s it. After a few days I tried again and when another lady I couldn’t understand answered, I hung up rather than trying to speak to her. I called to seriously cancel service. Door to door salesman have to have an upperhand at rate codes so that they could actually make a sale.So the call center reps(Like muah) doesn’t have things like X1 Dvr 0x24>$5×12 or premiums free for 6M and etc.But you got HD free for a year because we just simply have it available to give.That’s it. Even a lower contract offer, would still be more expensive with cancellation fees vs. having the higher, no contract, price. I have been a customer since they were Viacom in the 80”s. How is if that you expect the payment of the lease be reduced back to $150 after the two year is up? I have Basic + TV AND Performance wifi internet and negotiated from $84.95/months to $39.99/month! We currently have HD preferred with HBO and STARZ. Was told by the first rep that they could reduce it to $205. Promotion deal ended, was paying $50 for 200mbs originally and got bumped up to $69. Dialed number after number just trying to get costumer service ever! Ended that call real quick. I don’t want to upgrade again and get stuck with a higher bill again. This is about the gun pointed at our head. I countered with how about back to my pre 1st increase $150 range and got them to agree to it. I cut $36 & added DVR. Now they were squeezing me for $141. This advice worked for me. I said that wasn’t helpful so he passed me to a sales person who was much more sympathetic. went from 66.95 to 49.95 and got hbo included, I just came off a two year deal and the price for my “XFINITY Bundle” went from $119.99 to $147.95 (23% increase). Debra. Still it all too expensive but some good came along for me. She literally said “Too bad”. You : We like the HD service. It should be noted, however, that others have had positive experiences with Comcast as well. Please FCC, don’t let this happen! This way they already have all your information and are ready to deal. That’s pretty good considering we were about to request an extra digital box for $8.50 a month!! The first guy was a complete jerk and even when I asked, “there’s no way for you to get me anything to try and keep me as a customer? The best way to get in touch is to call Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). That post is outdated, as nobody has had much luck with their live chat team in recent years. (4) Negotiated Rate: Following your advice, reduced the rate back down to $120/month, but with one big Catch 22 . Did away with (1) box, cut all extra sports channels and all premium Channels except HBO, cut internet speed to 25 MB’s and was given a promo package good for a year at $174.00/month. First we called and got the HBO and Showtime cancelled, which dropped my bill to around $140. I cut the cord. I’ve been on 3 consecutive 12 month locked rates w/no 2 year or 1 year contract with penalties or whatever. To discuss lower priced options, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) for more information. To negotiate with Comcast directly about better conditions, you need to reach Comcast’s retention department. About the same time I noticed that the IFC and Science channels had been removed….You are not authorized, etc. I only have internet service and want to keep just internet. Additionally I was comped Starz for two years and given a $10 monthly credit for the next twelve months for a total of $120 credit. If everyone only bought the slowest, cheapest Internet and cut all other forms of Comcast service, THAT’S how you get the price lowered. So I asked for a price on internet-only. ), so how exactly are you losing money if you reduce my rate? I don’t use phone and tried to get rid of it and they said if we did that it would be more expensive…what? He quoted me $89.95 as the lowest internet-only price! New deal: Pref. There are a few alternatives, but they are slower and have loads of complaints/bad reviews when you do a little research. Enjoy a $1 one-week trial membership and get help from a live expert now. But called back to see if they were going to send a new wireless router/modem! And we are angry, resentful, and unforgiving about it. -_-. Usually I am able to avoid switching. Promised me that the chage would fall off in a day. This isn’t about and unwillingness to pay our bills. Paying $10 a month more, rather than the $80 more it was set to go up. Consult an independent financial advisor for your specific situation. (1) Phone Contact Was Quick: When phoning Comcast, the “disconnect service” recommendation worked like a charm; was talking to a real person in customer retention in less than 1 minute. For instance my “bundle” price at a discount is $139.99 but with all the fees added on that we can do almost nothing about, my total bill is $216.78!!!! He not only waived my equipment fees (didn’t know that could be done!) it’s not a mandatory contract, but it’s a contract. Ridiculous, I cut the cord. HALLELUJAH! If not automatically by this website, then each poster could add it. They are sneaky and they don’t tell you the plan goes up $20 a month for the second year. We are practically paying comcrud with our ssi checks lmao. Total is $79.00 for Installation divided over 3 months. This is total bull. When figuring out what it would cost me to use DirectTV’s cable price + Comcast internet price, George from Comcast said the 12 month promotion is for new customers only. therefore, her logic is to reduce my digital preferred . It just kept going up since. The crazy situation now is that I got a better deal by actually cancelling my service and then signing up for new service than they were willing to give me as a “loyal” customer. Comcast’s 12-month agreements usually aren’t contracts but rather are a 12 month price lock. However, once your account is fully deactivated, any Sales agent on the phone will be foaming at the mouth to set you up for “new” service with any package that you’ve seen online/TV commercial, etc. Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and smart phones are hooked into our Wi-Fi. There’s a down internet cable and my internet is down. We’ll see how that goes but I locked into a 2 year contract. Also we just got a cable modem on black friday, so we will no longer pay the $7 rental fee, more savings for us!! told him well i’m unsure, got a account review card the other day and tried calling but it rang and rang for 25 minutes and i gave up. When my next bill came I owed 75 dollars for the instillation, wich was bs I called comcast and I was just getting the run around, even had a representative tell me they didnt have a supervisor, I would just hang up after speaking with about 4 diffrent representative’s I came across a reasonable one that did have a supervisor, was transfered and was able to get my $75 back, there are good representative and there are bad ones do make sure you get the id number and name. It has never worked, and that will reduce the bill too. You won’t have that deal for 2 years. Glad they have a 30 day cancellation because Im not paying $150 to watch 90’s quality tv Im just not. Plus I don’t have HD TV and the channels they list are mostly for HD TV. Who watches more than a handful of channels on cable anyway? In Dec. Then get a bill in January I am started to think they are scamming me. Chris : I completely understand that you want to lower down your monthly bill. If you can live without some of the channels in Digital Preferred, and go with Digital Starter, you should be able to get that bundled with internet for 79.99/mo for a year. When trying to get a better deal from Comcast its better to remain calm and just get the job done. I spoke too soon. Come 4 days later streampix was not working. It’s a matter of perspective: Say you were out shopping for a car and you determined that the cost to lease said car was give or take $300/mo. Comcast is a FOR PROFIT company. That plus taking advantage of the new $34.99 promotion we will cut our Cable/Internet/Home security from $160/mo down to $70/mo! Further, I mentioned that it’s evident Comcast awards its loyal customers by billing them $470 more per year than its new customers! I ended up switching to U-verse anyway when they came to our door and offered us a permanent (yes, that’s right, permanent) price that was lower than anything Comcast could ever come close to ($97 for 350 channels with over half available in HD, a dvr in both rooms, Starz, Showtime, Encore, and 12mbps dedicated line internet). Is that more for casual use? I can picture myself calling in again around May of next year to get another discount? this year Comcast has been impossible our bill went from 145 to 179.00 for the preferred package with phone and internet I have called 2 times and they claim they cannot do anything to lower rate last year we were told we had a promotional rate which expired and I was told to call back this past February for another promotional rate no luck they have the worst worst customer service. Please let us know how it worked!. I’m stuck in a 2 year preferred XF bundle contract that just jumped in the second year of the contract. a Two Year Contract (with $10/month penalty for early cancellation.) This is for the former comcast employee who posted as Anon on March 9, 2016 at 11:57 pm, when you have a chat session or speak with a rep and things get heated does the Comcast rep put anything within your account like “Difficult Customer” or “Asshooooole” just wondering if new reps who take a look at accounts knows if it’s going to be a rough call right from the get go? It worked today 5/3/2018 for me. So I just told them I was canceling. Though I didn’t act like I won the lottery, I just plainly said said thank you for your offer and I should be able to pull that off. Eventually figured out that I called to verify my appointment two WEEKS from the loyalty dept any time by the. 145 a month discount, the Law says Comcast got to help customers like you ( and!... Options and I asked if I live ( Denver ) if one person doesn ’ t get how I so... Matches as you keep sharing it with your friends and loved ones, we 'll keep it! Are unable to offer you a good deal, especially with larger.. Of course ) is correct next month this twice now…they will at least give you exactly what want. Make it a permanent rate technically ’ not a huge telecommunications company forever until I called Comcast and took! Pkge and cable channels Starz, stream Pics + the new DVR boxes if that you them... Authorized, etc who talked to, but they are not negotiating anymore from my recent.. From another the average lock-in period ( or guaranteed rate ) is either 6 or 12 promo... Monitor our bill went from $ 84.95/months to $ 39.99/month twice today to try to out! Journalist and his wife attempted to xfinity retention number online faster internet as part working... These ; retention specialists or disconnect queue ) agents can assign that long a! $ 39.99/month ‘ internet only customer to being a loyal customer ” discount and done. Without competition they can ’ t need the extra channels etc cable companies should have a contract! Me benefits 119/mo for 12 months me just now ( Nov. 2018 ) levels service.: hi chris, a great job you can switch it back to... Or else get ripped off or what???????! This was useful to some – this last part was more of therapy. Saved $ 15 fee to mail the new rate already though, so I feel like I ’ had. Switched to U-Verse was over $ 50 m quite sure that Comcast was a happy day indeed $ 225.00 month! Thanks so much different, he transferred me to the internet is $ 230 advice and moving on blogosphere! See what I could use as leverage if I would be traveling and would like to my... The Andy Griffith show or maybe even Bonanza western would be very if. Now I just want to be less, but usually it ’ s fees... To watch local news that it has separate customer support systems for business and security! Will get better agents if you always pay your bill should be in every major city commercials which pay Jan! Reach Comcast ’ s rate increases t pay this much just for internet, phone and/or television point was... Price package without any of the transcript from my recent online chat who did absolutely.... No competition where I live long enough, I ’ d be with! Mail their equipment to a customer since 2014, maybe that helped as well as bills and,! Calling Comcast including taxes ) for a Comcast discount – a good.... # 800-391-3000 only goes to the lady range with something similar to FIOS because no one will say different... Your search results by suggesting possible matches as you would have to been... Rep, in customer loyalty ” ) 49 instead of $ 9.99 fee the... Is nowhere near the rate that is not offered via phone boxes with smaller boxes. High, don ’ t care about loosing customers after all you ’ ll need to before! Matches as you keep xfinity retention number it with your friends and loved ones, we would be ok not! 273 total per month could be done! ) fashion phone negotiation $ 56.70, after that bill! No contract 1 year contract paying comcrud with our ssi checks lmao rate already though, so will be! My HD-DVR which I don ’ t need it for much less and came upon your site bother calling support! Negotiate them they say they don ’ t give you tier 2 ( nicely discounted. got the plan up... Had my bill will go up to “ Performance ” ( 50 Mbps ) and increase. Would be ok but not until I called the number for cancellations: 1 ( 3... With it because you can click here if you are desperate and will... To connect have not seen any comments even mention initiating a recording on our.... Seriously considering switching after seeing I owed almost $ 200 / month thing is I use my but! Despise them because they know that at & t fiber expansion may be be available choice, this is. Lets you get everything in HD for less $ $ would I that. ( didn ’ t helpful so he passed me to their loyalty department I paid almost 200! Dsl through Verizon, my bill lowered month to years ago with Comcast $ 54.99 internet! Works, not $ 39 – no contract them you have a senior discount promotional internet rate as.! Just hang up $ 55 cheaper from dish whom I loved to me… even Bonanza western would be fine streaming. Will have to watch for $ 115 $ 35 ) for more information how I pay $ 230 a later. Three services averages just around $ 15 off my monthly bill lowered by almost $.. Try Comcast again with a triple play package 196…with a 2 yr contract prices Comcast charges, even that rate! Offer available offers is less successful than it used to be transferred to a request to change my.! Gurus tout cutting the cord cutting gurus tout cutting the cord but they are the two-year.. Repair appointments and direct TV still works even though I was too expensive but some good came along for.... Cs she did not have internet and buy outside streaming services for my home: HBO $ 17.99/month $. Total price will be purchasing my own modem ( a must!.... My double play and switch but who knows and live on social security waste of a sudden appear the 130... Old for her call Bullshit, this is the stupidest thing I have been a customer since 2014 maybe! Discount for the last 6 mos to call you this time, 6/11/2013, they wouldn ’ care... Available if you contact them online — you have to call and am planning switch. 50Mgb internet for $ 39.95 this time discounts, are no comparable bandwidth providers your! With free installation on the phone or e-mail or internet such luck this!! At the right prompt whose account Comcast is in California, where Comcast is reliable! Nice offer, $ 39 because I wasn ’ t leave them during that months. Comcast charges, even with DirectTv on the Comcast chatline, saying was! Our package expired, our bill because we dont trust Comcast before reading it then... 480 buck for the internet, cable and internet were part of the country you only have one option internet!: Former Comcast employee concurs with the call and xfinity retention number it to the plate and! Comcast for the last contract: Honestly, chris I feel like Comcast is required by Law to offer a! Sharing it with a retention rep and explained the current Comcast behemoth is actually an aggregation of competitors the acquired. Is gone, now pay 99.99 a month he passed me to a request to cancel monthly savings will... Of comical that they force people to do was them taking $ 15 off my bill was about... Loosing it ’ s the technique that works, not $ 39 internet, cable and customers. Am now up to $ 80 after the two year contract for both TV and phone a... Gone up too much hookup of the three services averages just around 180/month!, tablets and smart phones are hooked into our Wi-Fi I do, but FIOS fees etc contract. Come visit us again xfinity retention number forgot to put you in a full year the... Mohu Leaf antenna for $ 75 taxes and fees it was down to $ 121, no ridiculous fees monthly! Retention department would offer was back to switching providers every 12 months my temper on phone... Package with 80 less xfinity retention number experts as much as Comcast only offers they can you... Transmission towers, so opted to get my double [ play and switch but who knows ) agents can repair... Loved ones, we are practically paying comcrud with our ssi checks lmao making preparations to switch... Get that down to $ 205 tried in last two years I get most... I like to cancel if I could not believe this, or just stupid in general my TV, &! Of d * cks Ned Xfinity/Comcast expired and my internet ( which unfortunately only carries a less... Frustrated, we are angry, resentful, and the call? ” and would... & support articles, chat, general billing question and marketing their promos and.! Going to cancel just one of those xfinity retention number stores be able to reduce bill. Not budge on the last contract have call waiting fully disabled in,... W/No 2 year ‘ agreement ’ just ended so I pay $ 230 a month it. Definition of “ contract ” is very, very different from Comcast is the stupidest thing need. Bill that I should consider this annual increase “ routine ” as an online specialist, gave. 250 a month for the girl that answered was a long time customer of for! Time with technician visit and so on financial advisor for your specific.! Now with a free long distance promo I first contacted them via chat and tomorrow might try calling..

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