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I was surprised that Hyung Woo could not tell who the annomous. It's not because the age gap. I love kim bora and i am glad she is getting her chance to shine. It is really funny that she used to be the young version of joo sang wooks wife in Glamorous temptation. The story looks really intense... And by the comments I can tell that it is. I wonder why people support such a bastard who kills innocent people & never stops doing his dirty job. I don’t like this age gap and I will not be watching. cant people fall in love with each other without the age thing? I never expected that the Prime Minister will die on this episode but I've foreseen that the ex-husband(Lee Jae-Yoon) of Eun-Soo will resurface in this drama since only his hand was recovered when he drove himself into the sea. a drama like this shouldn't use those cheap tricks. I can’t believe it doesn’t have higher ratings and I am moving to South Korea soon! [CDATA[ i'm a huge fan of JSW but am sorry to say, this drama didn't really tickle my fancy! yaaaaaaaaaay sae ronnie :3. By the way I have a bad feeling that there won't be any romantic scenes after this. Chocolate returns this week with another poignant slice of drama as we get ever closer to the end of this wonderfully heartbreaking show. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I would love to see you in more dramas and movies. kim bo ra is not female lead material. Omfg 50 episodes? Or hearing bout this whole age gap, boring opinions in the comments. They picked the wrong actors to play Jin Hyung-Woo. I'll give him my own award as the The Best Actor. P.S. Make Up! can't wait.. megux Sep 15 2015 5:36 am andhika Sep 26 2015 7:58 pm Isabel Sweet Feb 24 2020 3:07 pm I can't wait to watch this drama every week. I wonder if he will find the rest of the documents in Il-Joo's safe?? But I just can't feel any chemistry between him and Bo-ra. Gina Jan 02 2016 5:55 pm Gloria. It pays to go with the best. By chance, Han Soo-Yeon meets Cha Jeong-Hyeok who is back as a make-up artist. I am enjoying this series. i personally love this series. I think you guys are obsessed with age here. This is good. Just give it a try! I love Jung Jin Young's acting and his character, Kang Suk Hyun in this drama!!! IL Joo & Moo Hyuk are totally fantastic together. I like Kim Bo Ra and Lee Tae-Hwan more than Joo Sang-wok. I love both Joo Sang Wook and Kim No Ra, but no, they're not a match to be honest~. However, it's 50 episodes and I just wanted to find out if the end it's worth watching!!!! Maybe because of the character.. ❤️. Feb 25 2020 2:02 pm bern Mar 09 2016 10:06 am Quite a number of them can only sell their beauty but not talent but this woman is not. He's the most busiest character here, doing this & that for justice. yiiihhh!!!! So, the cast is amazing, but they can't fix the show. I'm just in the first episodes of this drama and I'm enjoying it a lot!!! Lalalove Jan 30 2020 10:17 pm I love this drama so much. Made me cry each time (re-watched). Joo Sang Wook dan Cha Ye Ryun – Glamorous Temptation. jestine29 Feb 01 2020 5:13 pm Setelah sebelumnya banyak pasangan Kdrama yang cinlok namun hubungan mereka harus kandas ditengah jalan, berbeda dengan Joo Sang Sook dan Cha Ye Ryun yang hubungan mereka sudah berlanjut ke … should I watch it? i love Kim Sae Ron no matter what. may Dec 27 2015 5:51 pm I can hear your voice. please... Song Seung Heon was way older than the lead actress in When a man loves. After watching episode 10, I can finally feel The MF and FL’s chemistry. Sorry! A biggest disappointment news I've ever heard from JSW. Delivered the change in character representation so well. Director Kim SangHyub working on "True Beauty" previously worked on "Glamorous Temptation", "The King in Love" and "Extraordinary You" and writer Lee SiEun worked on "Rude Miss YoungAe" and "Top Star U-Back". Fighting! but we all enjoyed it, so its not new... Touch is an amazing series, period! I am looking forward for the next episodes and I am excited for this Drama. hmm... maybe next time.... passenger Oct 24 2015 7:24 pm This looks so goood :), Kang Jin-Hee Sep 14 2015 6:03 pm Taylord Dec 17 2015 2:18 am I 'm Forever your Fan Joohyuk oppa, ron lover Aug 13 2015 10:34 am K-Drama UPDATE - Glamorous Temptation List of new (hot) Korean Dramas (kdrama) from. I’m tired of all those killing dramas. But through a series of events, she finds herself on track in joining the top wealthiest 1% and makes a deliberate effort to uncover their misdeeds and hypocrisy. JSW, please make happy next time with a good writer. jestine29 Feb 23 2020 3:17 am Anyways, I'm still gonna give it a try!!! Nice music however. Network: tvN. I have seen most of Choi Kang Hee dramas but most of them are romcoms.. I am from India. If I ever get spurned - rejected - dumped, I hope it is by Joo Sung Wook. @Jeez thank you, no one was complaining about the age gap in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and most of them watched it. i mean at the end. Please, Please TUNE in. I'm curious about why some korean drama sometime had more less episode than the other drama, like joo sang-wook previously drama "birth of beauty" with this drama "glamorous temptation". Dumbasses. High quality Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo gifts and merchandise. Glamorous Temptation. this drama touch my heart. I hope Han So Yeon ends up with Kang Do Jin. Great acting by veteran cast - Joo Sang Wook, Choi Kang Hee, Jung Jin Young, Na Young Hee etc. She's the most selfish and stupid person ever. jung Jan 22 2016 10:14 pm the only long drama I watched was Be Strong Geum Soon (184 eps) because of my bias Kang Ji Hwan.. Glorious Day. i don’t like the ending of the movie though. Goddess of Marriage Concluso! God of Study No Sub God of War No Sub God's Gift - 14 Days Concluso! Glowing She Concluso! He is psychometric. Gone with the Wind lead actor and actress has a wide age gap too! Im sorry, the hug gap is the reason i decide to not watch it. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); The drama I hope it turns out well .... And Kim Bora is not a villain type I hope u can accept that coz u know that's how her role is supposed to be she's playing it quite well .... Let's hope for the besttt. Kit Jan 12 2020 11:22 am It is really funny that she used to be the young version of joo sang wooks wife in Glamorous temptation. What does it really matter who is older than who, as long as they deliver their roles properly. From what i have seen, it looks fun. Glamorous Temptation Concluso! Mail (required but will not be published). I'm excited for this drama as well. I really can't imagine their chemistry :((. Why couldn't eun bi end up with tae kwang n eun byul with han yi an. Goblin. Choi Gang Hee always makes me smile. Sorry Feb 26 2020 5:21 pm The younger Hyung-Woo was 4 inches taller than the older one. Now I understand why this world is changing ... People are as sick as character in a drama. I might wait until they're half way done with the show to start watching it. Esp the climax scene between him and the ex-PM. Same here.. J Pono Nakoa Apr 29 2016 10:06 am It captured my interest. arizona girl Dec 10 2015 5:11 am Shinubi Wang Jun 26 2020 2:40 pm Ku Hye Sun (36) Ahn Jae Hyun (36) Especially Kang Il-Joo and others. jhangjeung Jan 05 2020 5:35 am It was such a long journey for me but i don't regret it at all. //

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