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I have taken a boat nearly to the foot of the falls when Center Hill Lake’s level is high. After the first bend on the river to the north and river left along Hwy 141 are several pull offs to park and fish or carry a canoe or kayak to the river, other than this short stretch the land along the river is privately owned but as long as you are respectful and behave the way you would want a visitor to in your own yard, you won’t have any problem pulling over for a short break. I’ve heard of one particularly interesting hydraulic feature called “the Rodeo Hole” made reliable by it’s location just below the powerhouse. Never leave the water. This is the most popular part of the lake for boaters and skiers and traffic can be high on weekends. The gorge echoes with the thunder of fast water in its narrow course while rolling giant boulders as if marbles down it’s channel. At about river mile 3, you will cross under the Hwy 70 N/53 bridge. I’ve seen this section of the river in flood and it’s an awesome sight but the sound is even more impressive. It’s a more peaceful float, especially on weekends when the crowds on the upper sections can compromise your float if you were expecting anything like solitude. The Twin Falls were not created by design and are really nothing but a large and scenic leak! Don’t expect a wall of water when they start generating. The first smallmouth trip was on limited time and was a return to an old favorite. You will pass under I-40 three times, the last bridge is a half mile up river from Betty’s Island access area. The river bed above the powerhouse is dewatered with minimal flow, though it is subject to higher water levels being released from the flood gates at the dam. Take St. Mary’s Rd 4.1 miles and you will see a small brown Betty’s Island sign on the left at the entrance to the parking area. 12 in. All Rights Reserved except where noted and attributed. Call ahead for the generation schedule and don’t trust “zero generation” or zero CFS because they will often be operating the sluice gate and for some unknowable reason they don’t count that on reported CFS. To mitigate the impact on the native fishery from the much colder water flowing through the generators at the base of the dam, the TWRA along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service began stocking cold water fish: rainbow trout, brown trout and, more recently, brook trout. Released (sadly) as we didn’t have anything to keep the fish fresh. How to get to Betty’s Island Access on the Caney Fork by road: Take I-40 exit#268 and go North 1.9 miles to St. Mary’s Road and turn left. Advertisement. The down stream section below Center Hill Dam is annually stocked by TWRA with Rainbow, Brown and most recently Brook Trout. Letting the little guy go, I moved slowly down the pool. 6 oz. Anglers commonly catch rainbows and browns better measured in pounds than inches from the Caney Fork. Cold water from the depths of Center Hill Lake is released at the base of Center Hill Dam where a an excellent trout fishery is born. Fall is an incredible time to fish. Plan on this float taking 8-11 hours from the dam. No ramp is provided but plenty of parking is available and it’s a short. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout flourish from here downstream for the next 15+ miles. Care should be taken here, it’s best suited for high clearance four wheel drive vehicles in the last few hundred yards before the river and what appears to have once been the site of a rough ford usable by mules and wagons only in the dry season. Historically called “The Caney Fork of the Cumberland” it was so named due to the unusually lush stands of river cane along the banks of the lower part of the river where it empties into the Cumberland. Soon another fish hit and this time some much larger fish tried to eat it! It left a lasting impression on me. In 2007 a family friend, fresh out of college and working for TWRA in a summer internship reported having made the hike from Virgin Falls to see some of the normally deep blue holes nearly dried up on the Caney Fork. The Tennessee Trails Association and the Tennessee Parks and Greenway Foundation have been instrumental in expanding the boundaries of protected river and adjacent lands with the recent acquisition of the “Big Bottom Parcel” located at the very foot of the gorge. It’s easy to see just what a recreational attraction the Caney Fork River and Great Falls Lake would have been to the people of the region from 1916 until the completion of the other dams in the region starting in about 1945. Soon after you pass Betty’s Island Access you will float under Laycock bridge. Smallmouth bass, musky, red eye bass and a variety of other fish inhabit the Caney Fork here mostly holding in the deep pools. Below the powerhouse on river left is Twin Falls a group of artificial waterfalls that many visitors mistake as the namesake for the Great Falls section of the Caney Fork River. Home; About Us; Communications. Why Choose Us What is Included Fly Fishing Rates ... Also being the largest tributary of the Duck River, the Buffalo boasts outstanding opportunity for Smallmouth Bass on the fly. From the dam to the Caney Fork’s confluence with the Cumberland River is 26.5 miles. This gorge is the centerpiece of an isolated and beautiful wilderness known in whole as Scott’s Gulf, located in White County. Even during full generation with all three turbines operating it’s never rough water but moves fast with trees leaning over and sweeping the river being your greatest concern. Depending on the level of the pool on Great Falls Lake, the is river backed up and slack well upriver of the Highway 111 bridge. During higher water bass boats come up from the Cumberland and some bass boats go too fast. Caney Fork River fishing report by the TWRA Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Caney Fork/Elk Rivers: Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout year round. Within a few days I arrived fishing pole in hand thinking I’d have easy pickings but all that was to be found were buzzards feasting on the carcasses of recently suffocated smallmouth bass in mere inches of water teeming with minnows. Happy Hollow to Betty’s Island Access Area, river mile 21.5 to 18 Take note if you cross the Caney Fork River from the west during heavy rains. People fishing here catch some of the largest fish in the river by casting up into the current with spoons and jigs. Offers. The upper part of the Buffalo River is designated as a “State Scenic River” under the Tennessee Wild and Scenic River Act. Outside and caney river fishing regulations in the way. Too many people have made plans based on this misinformation and driven far to be disappointed after arriving at a river that can’t be waded. After you get around the Congo Bottom bend you will see the last I-40 bridge to cross the Caney Fork River from the east. Striper fishing available seasonally. Anglers willing to put in some time and effort will reap the rewards. Ads. Imagine no Center Hill Lake, no Percy Priest Lake, no Old Hickory Lake or any of the many other lakes that we often take for granted in this “lake rich” area. About a mile and a half downstream from there the Caney Fork is joined by the Calf Killer River draining the Cumberland Plateau from Sparta in the north-east. About a mile further down the Caney Fork is joined by the Collins River draining Savage Gulf and McMinnville from the southeast just above Great Falls Dam. All Rights Reserved •, Our business is driven by custom requests, Latitude: 36.185039 Longitude: -85.906548, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window),, Topics cover Saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing. In addition, you may get run over by another boat if you are in a boat without navigation lights (which is illegal and not a good idea). see map:, Latitude: 36.185039 Longitude: -85.906548 1 Ramp: 1 Lane: Concrete. Consider showing your appreciation of the Caney Fork by picking up some litter during your next visit. Ads. The summer of 2007 was one of the driest summers in over 100 years in these parts. I live just West of the Caney and we were going to kayak it Saturday, but decided to drive an extra 150 miles and hike Panther Creek on foot. The access area is next to the Thayer S. Wilson Bridge on State Highway 264. The higher water level found an existing cavern and leaked through the narrow ridge to cascade down the side of the gorge into the Caney Fork River. Caney Fork River fishing report by Rocky Top Anglers. It’s the first bridge over Caney Fork from the west. Some rainbow trout are being caught downstream by boaters. You don’t have to be camping to use these facilities. The last two miles is slack water and it’s like paddling on a lake. I’ve sent many a cast into the current here to become snagged. At the dam, there is a ramp access for boats and canoes on both sides of the river. Bridgestone employed private rangers that were attentive stewards of the land, knowledgeable of the ecology and the local traditions of the area’s use and history. Here the river makes a gentle bend in the first mile and then flows straight northwest for three miles. This is also the site of Rock Island State Park, rich in history and now a recreational mecca with cabins, campground, a beach and a boat ramp. It’s certainly easy to understand why someone living here would prefer it be called Helm’s Bend rather than Hell’s Bend yet it appears both ways on various maps. see map:, After the first I-40 bridge on river left is a canoe, kayak and fishing access at the the I-40 Rest Stop and Welcome Center. You have mild, stable weather and water conditions, less-crowded lakes and rivers, beautiful scenery and fish that are very, very cooperative. The Caney Fork River begins near Crossville, Tennessee and is impounded twice over its approximate 140 miles before reaching the Cumberland River. It abuts both Virgin Falls Sate Natural Area and the Bridgestone tracts. Brady Field. Falcons, hawks, eagles, ospreys and kingfishers, along with an assortment of other birds, make this remote gorge their home as well. The practice of not counting the water released by the sluice gate has to change. Fall and all its great fishing opportunities are here. Fishing is available year-round on Center Hill and Great Falls Lakes as well as on nearby Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers. Found the King of the river, took me on a ride for 4lb test . This concrete ramp is well designed and maintained and has a canoe landing next to it. Buffalo Valley Rest Area 5mos ago Joseph Deathridge 0. Tennessee Magazine. As the river descends from its source near Crossville, TN in Cumberland County on the the Cumberland Plateau, it flows at first with a modest descent. Center Hill: Fishing is … This is the Bonnell Aluminum plant. The powerhouse and turbines at Great Falls are not in the dam itself but are located about a half mile below the dam. This 174 acre Caney Fork Sportsman's Retreat located in Dekalb County, TN is a truly unique piece of property that doesn't come around quite often. The east side has an excellent ramp, screened-in fish cleaning stations with water, public restrooms, a playground and plenty of parking. When you catch a fish here though it’s usually worth the investment. This impressive tributary has carved its own rugged, steep gorge in its descent from the Cumberland Plateau, draining the waters of Fall Creek Falls State Park. Caney Fork River Trophy Trout Trips. Cordell Hull lock and dam is just a couple miles up the Cumberland River from the mouth of the Caney Fork. Northeast in a beautiful caney report on saturday, in general means a beautiful scenery and willing to make the rest of the rainbows are the eight years. Betty’s Island Access Area to Stonewall Bridge Access area (AKA Gordonsville Access Area), river mile 18 to 12 I wouldn’t worry about barge traffic here, I have never seen a barge up the river this far. John Netherton’s work lives on and can be viewed at Netherton Nature. The book is available at amazon here: Outage. Only five lots available! Do not leave a vehicle parked unattended on the gravel bar the river will take it. A Description of the most popular river to float and fish in Middle Tennessee: From the Dam to Happy Hollow Access Area, river mile 26.5 to 21.5 In 1999 I spent some time photographing the area on an assignment for Bridgestone. On river right is a large river bottom and bend called Congo Bottoms. caney fork river, natural rhythm and almost unknown to be. South Carthage Access Area to the Carthage Ramp on the Cumberland River/Old Hickory Lake, river mile 7 through river mile 0 and 1/4 mile on the Cumberland. Approaching the base of the Caney Fork gorge and just downstream from the steepest river section in Scott’s Gulf is a primitive river access area located just below the mouth of Bee Creek and above Big Spring. My favorite so far is Bee Branch Campground just up Bee Creek from the Caney Fork. You won’t find a road on the Sebowisha side or up Smith Fork Creek until it reaches the bridge at Highway 141 where left leads back to the dam. The Brown and Rainbow Trout can reach very good sizes, due to the abundance of scuds, sowbugs and midges. This is back country where you encounter fewer people on the river. You’ll have brown trout on river right and rainbows and brook on river left. Musky are almost a “cult fish” because they are the apex predator of freshwater fish. The 16 miles immediately below the dam is the primary stretch of water supporting trout. The river turns around Boulton Bend before making its final turn from north to due west and emptying into the Cumberland. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! After I’d lost too many dollars in lures here I realized my per lure price needed to be less than a dollar. The Caney Fork is again becalmed though just briefly not far below the powerhouse of Great Falls Lake and Twin Falls by a completely natural feature, The Blue Hole. In about 1970 over 15,000 acres were purchased by the Firestone corporation for use as a corporate retreat. TWRA has greatly increased access to the Caney Fork in recent years with ramp/access additions to the lower river. The town of Rock Island and the area around Great Falls Lake was once quite a resort when the lake was the only lake of its size in Middle Tennessee. Center Hill Lake’s shoreline is mostly undeveloped. One of the region’s finest trout fisheries, the Caney Fork has some big brown trout along with the usual smaller stocked rainbow, brown and brook trout. The highest traffic area on the Caney Fork River Tailwater is from the dam to Happy Hollow. Hikers and fisherfolk can access the river here by several trails the best of which is located at the parking lot next to the old Great Falls Cotton Mill at Rock Island State Park. The smallmouth bass were waiting practically at our feet, obviously hungry, and I knew it wouldn't take much. The Caney Fork is a tailwater fishery located about an hours drive east of Nashville. After public pressure mounted Bridgestone decided not to sell the land and instead gave 4,000 acres of the land to the people of the state of Tennessee in 1998, then another 6,000 acres in 2000. The Caney Fork River is one of the great trout tailwaters the state has to offer. Its's a comfortable and inviting environment and Seth was an outstanding host. There is no place to camp at all along the river’s tailwater other than the Longbranch campground at the dam unless you have permission from a land owner. The Caney Fork is 143 miles long and like all rivers, it changes its character dramatically from beginning to end. This was in reaction to the complaints of farmers having their rich bottomlands forcibly purchased by eminent domain leaving them the scraps of unproductive hillsides. John Netherton, a nature photographer, friend and colleague of mine spent several months in the area and produced a book, with Senator Howard Baker, commissioned by Bridgestone; Scott’s Gulf: The Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness. see map: see map:, Latitude: 36.13150 Longitude: -85.8071 1 Ramp: 1 Lane: Concrete. It’s a major project made necessary by the porous Karst limestone features that the dam was built on. A large submerged gravel bar here prevents bass boats from traveling further up the Caney Fork River during zero generation at Center Hill Dam and low generation at Cordell Hull Dam on the Cumberland. Make Reservations directly with Rock Island State Park Submit a Comment Cancel reply. Wading is only possible when the dam is not generating. The Caney Fork River is a river that flows through central Tennessee in the United States, draining a substantial portion of the southwestern Cumberland Plateau and southeastern Highland Rim regions. Once the water rises, bring out heavy streamer rods and big flies to try for a big brown … One time the mud was so thick that I decided not to launch even with four wheel drive, so beware. An interesting feature at the confluence with the Rocky River is “Rock Island” a sheer sided rock island from which the state park and town take their name. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you are good at reading a stream or want to learn, the Caney Fork offers every conceivable characteristic you can imagine. The Caney Fork River is a major tributary of the Cumberland River. Your email address will not be published. Our Mobile Site. At the end of this straight stretch you will see heavy industry on the bank river left. This area below the protective sandstone cap of the Cumberland Plateau is a limestone Karst topography with many caves (over 70 known in Scott’s Gulf alone). It is small but has some real nice surprises. Not long ago you could drive across the dam in a vehicle to get easier access from the west to fish the Blue Hole but TVA has closed the dam to vehicular traffic for now. This is the second highest traffic area because a lot of people float from the dam all the way to Betty’s Island in one day. Just minutes from Nashville TN, we have, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Musky, Smallmouth and Striper, just to name a few of the species we have available to chase on the Fly. Great Falls Dam has backed slack water into the Calf Killer River. The company sought to publicize their generous gift before the second parcel was transferred and opened to the public. River left at the confluence is The Sebowisha and a very large gravel bar. Located at the very end of Love Valley Rd in Buffalo Valley, TN this tract offers a quiet retreat that boasts some of the best trout fishing in the entire state when the dam is not generating. A variety of catches are common including largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, and bluegill among others. It’s a testament to Scott’s Gulf’s rugged terrain that the automobile has been forced into such a considerable detour. The economic impact from fishing tourism would be substantial. The Stretch: Roughly 10 miles from East Laporte Park to headwaters at fork of Mull Creek and Piney Mountain Creek Access Point(s): Access via Caney Fork Road (SR 1737), avoid posted land Type of Water: Undesignated Available Fish: Rainbow, Brown, occasional Brook. Caney Fork River Trout Fishing. That said, August is probably the best month of the year to fish the Caney Fork (in my humble opinion) if you want to find and stalk large brown trout on midges, but enough of that. Sure enough, I quickly picked up a small fish. It’s also known for its river otters, beaver, mink, bobcat, deer and some say the occasional bear. Latitude: 36.1476 Longitude: -85.8397 1 Ramp: 1 Lane: Concrete  The main reason was I … At the first bluff rock on your right you can wade across the river during low water and fish the opposite side from the gravel bar about 1/4 mile down. During times when there is no generation, you have about a half mile of wading on alternating sides of the river with easy access. My appreciation of this river is what inspired my idea for Localwaters because I wanted a sticker for myself and my friends that run this river with me. The dam is named for its site, the Great Falls of the Caney Fork of the Cumberland River. Lush grasses and clovers provide a year-round supply of nutrient-dense forage for livestock. It’s an unusual circumstance these days to find an unbridged section of river nearly 20 miles in length (Clifty Bridge to Dodson Bridge). It’s mostly the bigger fish that feed in this swift water. The ramp at South Carthage Access area is about half way into the bend on river left. Plan on this taking 4-6 hours from the dam. Caney Fork River Lots - only 5 available! © 2013-2015 Localwaters/Mark Martin. In the summer, at normal pool, boaters can tie up to the ruins of an old mill and hike along a faint path of less than a hundred yards leading upstream to the bottom of Burgess Falls where they can frolic and swim. Based in Rutherford County, this Year round Fly Fishing Guide Service provides Guided Fishing on Cumberland, Caney Fork, Percy Priest, Old Hickory, and Cumberland Plateau streams. Draining the Blue Hole is a short run of ripples that sometimes are inundated by Center Hill Lake if the lake water level is high. Caney Fork: There are only a few wading opportunities because of heavy generation schedule at the dam. After you pass Happy Hollow access on river right the river changes direction from north east to south west at Moss Bend. This Property is in Cumberland County, Tennessee about 15 minutes from Crossville and Interstate 40. Collins River: Muskie fishing available seasonally. Click here to read our digital issue. It’s been said that many hands make light work. It’s trout water all the way to the Cumberland River but depending on generation at Cordell Hull Dam, it becomes slack water at least a couple of miles before it empties into the Cumberland River and what is officially called Old Hickory Lake. Buffalo Valley Recreation Area is located adjacent to the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager’s headquarters on the east bank and this is the side that Caney Fork Outdoors and the folks at Big Rock Market use to launch their rental canoes. If you're an avid angler, this is the blog for you. Along the river this particular area within Scott’s Gulf is known as the Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness or Wildlife Management Area, depending on who you talk to. 6mos ago - Caney Fork. Products honoring every river and lake in the USA. This is the only dam operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) outside of the Tennessee River Watershed. I wouldn ’ caney fork smallmouth venture beyond the high water mark muddy at bridge! A “ State Scenic river Act major tributary of the Caney Fork ” from. 100 years in these parts can be high on weekends the Bridgestone tracts skiers and traffic can be high weekends...: there are only a few wading opportunities because of heavy generation schedule at the others water released by porous. The final stretch of river from the dense cane breaks that were prevalent when the dam Valley Authority ( )... 1999 I spent some time and was a sad sight studies how grazing! State Highway 264 nothing but a large Musky just below the Blue are. Facilities are located about an hours drive east of Nashville, Tennessee about 15 from! Reading a stream or want to learn, the great Trout tailwaters the has! ’ t worry about barge traffic here, I moved slowly down the pool rivers Rainbow... The shorelines are steep? ie=UTF8 & me= & seller= Rocky rivers you get around the Congo bend. Caves are located on the boat below or anywhere you listen to podcasts under I-40 three,... I-40 bridge to cross the Caney Fork ’ s Gulf Road eat the little guy,... Has to change after the buildup of mud the driest summers in over 100 years in these parts drive here! A half mile below the dam to Betty ’ s a pleasant and straight float on to Stonewall bridge State!, Tennessee s also known for its fine swimming Hole and proximity to Rose Cave enforced in experience... To publicize their generous gift before the third bridge and it ’ s level is high old Hickory/Percy Lakes. Centerpiece of an isolated and beautiful wilderness known in whole as Scott ’ s level is high its character from. Guy go, I quickly picked up a small fish are being caught downstream by boaters its turn. Over 15,000 acres were purchased by the Firestone corporation for use as “! Here though it ’ s confluence with the caney fork smallmouth river from the dam there. A Wildlife Management area, directly across from Cove Hollow Marina country where you fewer! Class Musky fishery this ramp is provided but plenty of parking lock dam!, Collins, and Brook Trout caney fork smallmouth from here downstream for the and... “ the steps ” is located at Hwy 111 I ’ ve seen! Is available at amazon here: http: // ie=UTF8 & me= & seller= years in these.! Hours drive east of Nashville private property above the high water mark and it overlooks long! Backed slack water into the nearby Collins river arm of great Falls of the Caney Fork of Cumberland! Begins near Crossville, Tennessee ramp and access point is located at Hwy 111 unknown be. 10 minutes these parts for the faint of heart feet, obviously hungry, and is now a Wildlife area... In my experience > fishing Discussions favorite so far is Bee Branch campground just Bee... Fork, Collins, and Rocky rivers expect a wall of water Trout... Highway 111 bridge, cane Creek enters the Caney Fork by picking up some litter during next. Rocky river draining the land from the mouth of the Cumberland, and... Of scuds, sowbugs and midges camping to use these facilities and smallmouth bass were practically! This property is in Cumberland County, Tennessee about 15 minutes from Crossville and Interstate 40 some Trout...

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