Clare Henderson

'I see nothing, there's no lack of void'

Clare Henderson's work continues to be informed by a quest to find where the soul lies. It is a difficult quest, without the benefit of science or the guidance of religious belief, relying instead on what is to be found in the primal motives of grief and kindness and nurture; In the comfort she finds in unsophisticated invention and in the reassurance found in unbridled concern.

'I'll carry you, if necessary'

It is easy to see how the works of Beckett, like Paul Auster and Buster Keaton would have such a profound effect on such a quest, too. United by a sense of beauty in the damned, in the solid structure of the human soul in a seemingly uncontrollable reality, that despite of our individual sense of fragility, we all leave our mark; be it in shadow, or lingering voice, we, like Vladimir and Estragon, do not move.