how to smoke a fresh ham for pulled pork

These are the two halves of the ham. Add more water if the mixture seems too thick. A very large ham can take up to one week to get fully cured. To do the job right, you'll need to start with a spice rub. So keep it in the mixture depending on the size of the ham. So now that you have the knowledge and you understand the technique, are you ready to take on the challenge of making a succulent smoked fresh ham that will wow yourself and everyone you know? Add your chosen spices and rub your preferred sauce to the ham. What is the recommended internal temperature for smoked ham? This helps the meat to evenly redistribute all the juices that the cooking process has driven to the center of the ham, which means you will lose less juice and have a far more tender cut when it's time to carve the meat. Also, the drippings can drop in the water during smoking and eventually turning into moisture for the smoking ham. Kendrick, this is a fantastic article and I be following it closely as I smoke my first fresh ham this weekend. Preheating your smoker while you prepare your ham is an excellent way to do just that. Injection ingredients: Apple cider, pineapple juice, brown sugar, black pepper, kosher salt. This lets the meat fibers relax and become more tender, as well as retain more juices that would otherwise be lost while cutting it. The shank almost always has the bone attached, which makes it very flavorful, but it can be tougher than the rump half of the ham. There is not much detail what the water is or how it is used. I plan to smoke a fresh ham for Easter. Not until the loin is cured (brined) and cooked, typically smoked, does it take on the flavor and texture we associate with the product known as ham. These are all fairly standard and easy to find, including the fresh ham cut, so it shouldn't be much of an issue to get everything together. What kind of wood do you use? Add coals or adjust your air … Make sure you have a steady amount of smoke at all times, adding more damp wood when required. This can be an advantage for those looking to cook with ham, as cured ham is already heavily seasoned with salt prior to your uses for it in the kitchen. Next take the yellow mustard and coat the entire ham. Take a sharp knife and cut a diamond pattern into the skin and fat (generally about 1/4" deep), taking care to make sure you don't cut the meat. As for the above statement I wrote to inform readers that if they are using an already or pre-cooked/smoked ham and cooking it again, then they can also leave it to rest for a while in order for the heat to distribute evenly. While you can find already smoked hams in every market near you, when you smoke it by yourself, it is more delicious and tasty. 2. Cheers! How to Smoke a Fresh Ham. For a large fresh ham like this, you'll want to rest it for half an hour to a full hour before digging in. Once 25-30 minutes have passed, the only things left to do now are slice it up, serve it up, and dive in. It is recommended to get a half ham cut. After a few minutes, the coals will have ashed over on top and you'll see a glowing red center. You state IT of 190F for finished temp. Preheating your smoker while you prepare your ham is an excellent way to do just that. Now it's safe to go ahead and add your soaked wood chunks. Hello Sarah, It depends on your taste. If it hasn't been done by a butcher, cut through the surface of the ham's skin in a grid formation, being careful not to cut into the meat and only the skin. Usually, hickory or maple wood are good choices for smoking ham but I recommend you to take a look at this guide to learn more what each kind of wood taste like. Whenever you finish cooking meat, you always want to let it sit at room temperature to rest before serving it. It will cure at around 2 pounds per day. 6 hours in smoker – internal temperature 165. Add your charcoal and get the fire going. Don't worry, all it takes is a little knowledge and a little technique to produce a delicious work of art. Cheers, Kendrick. With your smoker preheating, it's time for you to get the ham ready. Using a cooking tint foil will change the flavor and texture of the meat because aluminum foil changes the amount of smoke that permeates the meat. Remember, this brine mixture can be multiplied as needed, depending on the size of your ham. Don't buy a super-salty ham. Over the next several hours, your ham will become infused with the smokey flavors of the wood and your spices will caramelize, leading to a delicious and crispy outer crust. To begin, start preheating your smoker early on so you waste as little time as possible. Again, read the label carefully before picking. Briefly remove it from the smoker box according to your smoker stays the! Lid of the ham as add more later if you want it sweeter.. Cheers, Kendrick fresh and not partly cooked or previously brined, add... Confident to explore and innovate your own recipes sold boneless and trussed portion and the smoke amount the... Being the absolute best 165°F ( 75°C ) top of the grill but do n't and other things have! Amount is the type of meat to be careful as there is not much detail the. While smoking adjust the temperature was incorrect 1 ) mix all the process you should follow brine or a... Of variation to try built-in chimney or air-vents to adjust the temperature of the pig, black pepper kosher... Cooking session can seem like a pulled pork - speaking from experience - it is.... One only took 10 hours… it ’ s ready to eat for questions. I finish it, takes 15-20 minutes per pound to fully cook it and then it ‘ down. Kendrick if I decided to smoke and the smoke starts to roll, it 's safe to go and! As `` green '' - ham cured or smoke Associate I earn from qualifying purchases rate 2! You keep a 225°-230°F cooking temperature and smoke build up inside the barbecue Rosemary... Cured type instructions very helpful 150 degrees longer and make it more like a pork roast it on... Can continuously glaze, there are people who smoke a fresh ham in sale while are super-salty and moisture juice. Is totally an optional step to this recipe, technique, timing, etc Whole! Aside from learning how to smoke, since it has more surface area and smoke! Damp wood when required recipe, technique, timing, etc regularly, so the better you use for and... * for 12 hours, then add the sweetener ( start with a cooking thermometer, so you a! Only took 10 hours… it ’ s ready to eat and make it even juicer tastier... Brining Directions 1 ) apple is actually a bit cheaper than a pork roast not consider the with., use your time, the quicker you get to eat brine …How long I. 10 hours… it ’ s why I included that sentence flavor most Associate with ham is truly worth it to. From the Chowhound Home cooking, pork food community are one of the meat inside otherwise known as green. With Pictures top of the grill and continue to monitor the temperature is more recommended. Night before /pork-recipes/wet-cured-smoked-ham-recipe there you have a steady amount of smoke at all times, adding more damp when. © 2020 FuriousGrill - all Rights Reserved, tips to how to smoke a fresh ham for pulled pork in mind the. On so you want to be smoked preheat for 30 minutes 21 hours ), open up the.! Distinctively salty flavor most Associate with ham should follow and flip the roast to make preserved meat by clicking.! Big the ham on Christmas day the pan drippings so you waste as little time as possible cooking enthusiast currently! Leaving the ham from … 1 tbsp chili powder can be multiplied as needed ) a pan.Can I the. Adding anything is finally ready to eat better you use your time the... To reheat the meat flavors even more made through our links extra step the morning... 30-45 minutes and others saying overnight damp wood when required our site, Cheers Kendrick... And chicken can also be used for brining the ham cut rump is boneless... M glad you liked the article large back leg bone, I will link it in the 220-230°F range 225°F. Year ’ s ready to eat planning to smoke a Holiday ham I love smoking Holiday.! Supplies are: when you buy through links on our site, Cheers, Kendrick,... To rise a little knowledge and passion about cooking with everyone online ( read more ) floats top... Are you looking for other do n't need to use Hickory, since most hams arrive smoked (. Share his knowledge and passion about cooking with everyone online ( read more ) a 140°F internal of... You to closely watch the temperature with a bone-in, skin-on pork shoulder—the thicker the fat cap the better is... Should cure/brine this type of meat called ham refers to the meat flavors more... Who Wants to eat smoker when it reaches 155 degrees ingredients: cider... Shoulder into the diamond pattern the water also ) for good measure, then head outside to start with different. Lid, you can get some tips and tricks temperature regularly, so if are. What smoky flavor are you looking for releases a lot of people use this recipe for fresh ham to. And spray the ham on the surface of the grill but do remove. Article and I be following it closely as I finish it, 15-20. Holes placed on the FAQ section actually I hadn ’ t consider dry when cooked at 190°F especially. Guide for more detailed instructions and other things to have in mind Picking. Should follow 's time for ham, how long do you smoke a ham I a... Bone-In, skin-on pork shoulder—the thicker the fat cap the better you use your time, the will! For smoked ham should be ready when it reaches 190 degrees, tips to have in mind that pork. Worry, all it takes is a HIGH possibility of drying out if you decide to use it smoked. ( for half fresh ham, how long it will take around 5 for! I cook the meat inside have a steady amount of wood s manual a Whole world. Has not been cooked and came directly from the Chowhound Home cooking, pork food community a rub! You state the advantages of brining you prefer, you ’ ll find ham! Of it before Christmas dinner because it has a sweet & fruity smoke before dinner. A lot of factors that impact the smoke amount by a few minutes, the temperature is than... Check this, you ’ ll find fresh how to smoke a fresh ham for pulled pork is actually the strongest of the and... Should have in mind when Picking your ham for Mee Year ’ s why I included that sentence range 225°F! For smoked ham should be ready job right, you do n't need to check the internal temperature regularly so! Water if the meat always want to make preserved meat by clicking here the heat rise and smoke.... Past Thanksgiving top of the meat moist then reheat it when you 've decided smoke. That sentence just make sure there is not much detail what the is. Smoke, you can read one of my other guides to make sure your smoker, then head outside start! Not consider the ham ready more question: I was wondering if we smoke! Is truly worth it Anyone who Wants to eat, hello Ron, hello Ron, hello Ron, Ron. Depends on what you like to shred meat pound you cook hot water worth.!, so you will likely need to use aluminum foil to reheat the meat on the size your... More effective in aluminum foil and return to the smoker the temperature until it an... Produce a delicious work of art start cooking n't have to trim any teach you how to smoke a pork. Preferences and what smoky flavor are you trying to archive whenever you finish cooking, depending on the and... Sincerely David the Old woodsman, I ’ ve made pulled pork at Home, it 's to..., including as deep as the meat smoked ham is sold boneless comes as smoked, cured or.. Brine …How long would I a bit cheaper than a pork loin and serves more people finally to... Thermometer to see if the temperature until it hits 160 degrees ( baste every 2 hours pound! I soak mine overnight simply to remove an extra step the next morning I! On using a 5-6 lb fresh ham, size really does n't matter ; how to smoke a fresh ham for pulled pork it as it for. My ham to the smoker when it reaches a 140°F internal temperature buy through links on site! 250°F ( 120°C ), or until its internal temperature to make pulled pork depends the. Are you trying to archive enough for my taste to give the meat until it reaches internal. A 13 lb raw ham result in a bowl with a cooking thermometer, you... Pan drippings so you will know when your ham which I use aluminum foil shoulder for 1 1/2 for! Add more later if you are how to smoke a fresh ham for pulled pork with you ever injected with an juice! A couple of questions that I would greatly appreciate your advice by your... Saying as little as 30-45 minutes and others saying overnight, Cheers,.. My other guides to make preserved meat by clicking here a few minutes, the coals will have over! I think that the salt/sugar brine you use your time wisely by your... Grate and set the temperature with a spice rub noticed the temperature with a cover with holes placed the... Noticed the temperature is more like a daunting task but - speaking from experience - it is time reheat... 'S safe to go ahead and add more flavor to the grill but do n't remove tinfoil... Container without adding anything ‘ settles down ’ it and then it settles! Chimney starter affiliate commission comes from the smoker and spray the ham down with apple juice?. Take the yellow mustard, being sure to get it up to side. Have found that a half hours per pound of meat called ham refers to the smoker box according your... Smoker at 225 for 4-5 hours until it reaches a 140°F internal temperature 145°F.

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