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Great information here! So, when you press dispense button is anything happening during 10 seconds? The condenser coil is the part of the LG refrigerators at the back that looks like a coiled pipe. My water inlet valve is a single solenoid, I believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 Refrigerator Water Inlet. Grr please help! What a nightmare. Our ice maker is spewing out white dust when dispensing ice. Whether it's your LG bottom-freezer refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator or French-door refrigerator, we'll give you practical, clear steps to get your fridge … The indoor ice maker is not currently working. The condenser stays clean to allow the dissipation of heat from the fridge… Our 8 year old LG LFX31925ST/01 makes ice like a champ. Greatly appreciate your time and input and thanks for fielding all our questions . And it does it again. i have read in other trouble shooting areas that the ice maker air fan will get effected by the condensation and possibly freeze up. I pulled the rubber gasket and clean it, situation is still the same. Thank you! Replaced the motor unit and when I powered up the fridge I could see the fingers rotate. After that no more ice making. Upon refill, with some of the ice still in tray the excess water causing major clumping in the lower bin. Pushing the dispenser switch does nothing unless held in place for several seconds (up to 15) before it kicks in. I took off the back cover and cleaned the dust off the condenser coil. I am having the same issue as Elizabeth. On the bottom of the tray there is a device attached. Weird that it just stopped working out of the blue. I even turned the ice machine off from the front panel (it doesn’t have an on/off switch on the machine itself), and the arms were still moving for a while. The latch on the door to the ice maker compartment broke and we need to get a new door. Your fridge have 2 inlet valves. My LG Ice maker isn’t working properly. I’ve had this happen twice on my LG. My ice maker makes ice and dumps when I press the button, after it dumps it sends in new water. I have seen what looks like an icicle hanging from the mechanism. How do I check if the fan is working? It makes it impossible to remove the bucket without breaking up the jam. Hi Heidi, you need to check power using multimeter. The leak is coming from around the plastic inlet housing and pouring down the back of the fridge whenever the lower ice tray valve energizes. What should I check next to diagnose why its not cooling ? I have now per your advise checked temperatures in freezer…..set at -4 But temp gauge says +15. Ice will only dump when I use the test button. Did you check that? We purchased our LG refrigerator … Hi Greg, the temperature sensor sends readings to the control board and the control board “decides” when to turn ON/OFF compressor. What about light? And exactly at this point i would put probes of the multimeter on the inlet valve connector and see if its geting power. The water in the door works properly. I confirmed water is getting to the small reservoir inside the left door but will not pass through inlet valve next to it. Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated!! I know it’s due to the door not thinking it is closed. Dan, My slim line lg ice maker has quit for the 7th or 8th time. Eugene, I am having the same problem as Michael has. So other words, you cannt fix it by yourself. Din’t fix. Not sure. There is ice in dispenser now but not moving it out for some reason. Please see Updates at the end of this post ” How To Troubleshoot Optical Sensors On The Ice Maker?”. I have cleaned the bin, ice maker, everything but it thinks the ice bucket is full. LG refrigerators only work when the door is shut. Check that fan if its working. In the last 6 months it seems to get stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly. -20C is -4F, and -4F is what LG says on their web site for minimum recommended temperature for ice making. I am not sure which one for the ice maker. Did the test and it is making ice, but not dumping. Hi Carrie, just turn the power off for some time to the fridge to let it defrost by itself. Hi Robert. What do I do? What could be going on? Does it blow cold air from the vents? Even when i dont have the feature on it makes ice. My LG fridge makes ice just fine, it won’t dispense. It cycles normally with the door shut and I hear the valve open trying to fill with water but none comes out. Leaks all day from ice unit and lot water on floor. Do you think it is the control board and if so do you know what the part number is. About a second and a half. When i use a paperclip to reset, nothing happens. When it turned back on, every time the fridge tries to make ice, it squirts the water out of the water dispenser instead of into the ice maker. What can I do to fix the problem? I don’t know Jared.. It will work for about 8-10 months before having the same problem. When ice maker auger will make a full turn, it will turn the valve ON for 3-5 seconds to fill. Or fill tube at the end, got calcium deposits and not providing smooth water flow. It’s behind the door panel with the water filter. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. It should reset control board and start cooling(maybe) . Now, water seems to be seeping from near it, AND against the back wall of dispensing area. Even if the door shuts to a point where the onboard computer thinks it is shut, any issues with the latch will cause problems. We just bought this house and have no idea how old it is, but all the appliances look fairly new. please help 🙁, Not sure, but if it not making ice in automatic mode, then the problem can be with the main control board. You can get a new ice maker on the link below, Ice Maker Troubleshooting starts from page 106. If you have ice outside the tray, maybe water splashes when tray filling up and then freezes up. Any ideas or additional part I would have to check, reset or replace?. Error Code Er 1F (On refrigerator Er & On Freezer 1F). Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. My icemaker makes plenty of ice but it does not dispense the ice. Powered off for 30 min to reset with no change. Hope you and your family are well during these crazy times. Don’t know why it would still be kicking out ice in the top “maker” but not the bottom. Because life waits for no one, at LG USA we create consumer electronics, appliances and mobile devices that are designed to help you connect with those who matter most. Even though there’s no tray you should still place a towel below the ice maker before running the tests. Eugene Smith I need your help real bad. The hose part is quite short though. Put in new filter, new water inlet valve, still no water. Test button on ice maker works but no water at end. Not a drip or leak. I pulled the icemaker out and made sure it was clean and then left it out overnight to see if moisture had gotten into any of the mechanicals. I have an LG LFX25973ST and like a few others my in-door ice maker is not cold enough to freeze ice, despite my freezer ice maker working properly. If the water hose is kinked, it will restrict water flow to the inlet valve. I have the LFXC24726S refrigerator that has started showing the codes E and CF on the door and then the water and ice dispensers stop working. Hi there; We have a 2year old LG. Hi I changed the ice maker. Hi I have a same problem. I shut off, reseted it, and changed the water filter. If your refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling at all, most likely LG famous linear technology compressor is shot or there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in a sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser). Check that filler tube and clean from calcium build-up, maybe its part of the problem. Trying reset button know. What should the Voltage value be on the Solenoid (AC or DC ??) Thanks again for hosting this, it’s been extremely helpful. Any idea on what could be causing this? Hi Beth, try to pour some water from ice maker side, to see if icemaker dispenser shut closed properly. Hi Steve, i updated this article and at the very bottom you can find LG fridge Service Manual, see page 106. The slim style ice maker we have on ours is a constant pain. It will not dump the ice. I measured ice maker compartment temp, its not cold as freezer, assume it is the ice maker fan not working, order parts and replace the fan, used multi meter check the old ice maker fan is not working. Using a magnet to simulate closed door, I get 8 degrees of cold air with enough fan pressure to easily get to the ice room. I would like to help you but its a hard one, because you already checked everything.And I don’t think its a control board failure. 5 Most Common Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems. I have a 2019 LG LRFXC2406S. I unplugged the ice maker for a minute and hours later had ice. I’ve got a new one for you. The internal doors and shelves of LG refrigerators may be cracked. here is a diagram for your fridge . Let she turn fridge off for 24 hours and let it thaw. I’ve read most of the issues you’ve talked about and have a Multimeter. What Should You Do? Replace the ice maker water inlet valve, it is located in the left door, Hi Eugene, THANKS for all the help you have been providing to the troubled LG community. Hi Debbie, dealing with LG ice makers not an easy task . After doing some searching on line about the similar problems I found your post here. Any thoughts or ideas on how to rectify this issue? Let’s see if it’s true that the line freezes at lower temperatures, which I had thought was the case for a few years of having this intermittant problem. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. Can that be cleaned out or just put on a new valve on and be done with it? To diagnose refrigerator problems, start by making sure your refrigerator is plugged in and checking the circuit to your kitchen to make sure you haven't lost power. Washing Machine Has No Power, No Lights. My fridge is producing ice perfectly fine but when I press the dispense button on the outside of fridge nothing happens. Hi Doug. It should be no less then +2 F. Michael, I push my test button and nothing happens. So maybe control board issue? I have already replaced the inlet valve, and the ice maker motor is turning the arm in a full circle (so it appears to be functioning), but NO water is coming out of the fill tube. Could that have anything to do with it? When Sherry Knight's nine-month-old fridge stopped working, she says wasn't too worried. I can see the problem is not getting any water. Appliance giant LG has agreed to settle a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over refrigerator defect claims. Any help would be much appreciated! Don’t hear water filling tray either but water indeed getting into ice tray. Hi, I have an LG top refrigerator, bottom pull out drawer freezer. Maybe the inlet valve not fully closed, due to deposit build up and thats why is sipping water? When we press up on the left side of the ice tray it stops and settles back into the correct position. I have a problem every spring/summer when the humidity rises, the ice maker stops making ice. Only the back tray of the ice maker fills with water. Hi Gale, check ice dispenser flapper, to make sure it properly sealed once not in use. I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. After reinstalling the ice machine/housing, and resetting the ice machine w/ the paper clip, I could hear and see that water was filling the tray, but after days, the water wasn’t freezing. Thanks again. It appears that there is ice blocking the passage between the bin and the flapper. You need to check continuity for both using multimeter or solenoid for the ice maker has been clogged. Your fridge has 2 inlet valves, which one did you replaced? To be honest, sometimes even we as a technicians don’t know how to fix this or that (especially if its related with control boards). Is there separate evaporators and fans for the freezer and the refrigerator. Other common problems are leaking water, an overflowing ice maker and the refrigerator light not working. Water Hose – Behind your LG fridge there is a water hose connected to the inlet valve. According to the class-action suit, the issues with LG’s refrigerators stem primarily from a problem with the linear compressor that the company uses. When ice tray will make full turn, does it fill with water? You are doing a good thing here. This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans. If you can use multimeter check the power once it should fills up with water. Cool not cold. Once the water had frozen, the ice maker still does not eject the cubes. hello Linda, seems like you have a major problem with cooling. Sometimes it’s stops after that, sometimes it take three or four wiggles before it stops dispensing ice. When I press Test switch, it dispenses ice and refills it with water. Mine was the line where it dispenses the water to the ice try was frozen and had deposits. But keep in mind, that LG fridges have 2 inlet valves. It doesn’t look like I can replace the line itself from the inlet valve to the ice maker, or can I? Hi, model LMXC23796, ice maker dumps cubes. Hi Eugene, Thank you for all your insight. Mr. Eugene, I have an LG ice maker in the bottom freezer area under the double doors (unsure of model #). Help!! My fan is working (checked with magnet)…my ice detecting eyes are working (get an ETY code). We have an LG LFX25974ST. Any sound? But from my experience, secondary valve causing most of the problem with the ice maker. Eugene, Yes, it beeps and then nothing happens. Suggestions? Thank you in advance. One for water dispenser and second for ice maker. Louise E - October 7 Reply. Where is the ice maker fan located? Try to defrost it fridge, for letting sit for 24 hours with the doors open and t see if it will help. Glenn, if the ice maker is bad, it will not send a signal to the inlet valve to open, so water will not flow through fill tube. Eventually, the ice tray freezes and I have to squirt hot water on it and press the reset button. Please help as I cannot figure out the issue. Correction I do here a click. But at the same time i kinda doubt it. anybody else getting this unusual noise or any idea how to get rid of it?? It seems it should stop making ice before the bucket becomes too full and possibly overflow. However, the water dispenser dispenses water just fine. A repairman who I talked to over the phone believes it’s the compressor. I apricate your help! Hello Eugene – I am having what I think is the same problem as these two users. If yes, then the problem with the ice maker itself. After reset, the icemaker should be filled with water. Will let you know if this make any difference. Going to try and take out to see if something is jamming it up. It does not however release the ice into the tray automatically. It seems like you are the ice maker king – hope you can help with this one. Eugene, I have the ice maker with the on/off switch. When I checked it out, the ice maker is only filling about half way so it’s only producing about half the number of cubes that it normally makes. But that’s when it started pouring water onto the floor every hour or so. I did the ice maker reset with the paper clip. Thanks. What is the model of your fridge? made the first batch after i thawed plastic internal line but it froze again right away. If you would post that would help me immensely. There’s no power switch and no tray. What could be going on? Water comes from the water side, but not from the ice side (when I reset the ice dispenser). IDK.. it requires some troubleshooting. Hi. I should note that my water inlet valve only has one tube coming from it, so I’m not entirely sure how that works. I lowered to -6 degrees . What am I missing? Your thoughths? Switch is on “off” yet water still running. Nah, mine’s the kind with the hole where I push in a paper clip to reset. Turns out you can place a simple magnet on the left French door’s front-facing hinge to replicate the door being closed (it’s housed behind the grey plastic housing). Hi Jason, seems like the problem with ice-maker not with a control board. Hey Eugene. Which one did you replace? In this article, we will show you the most common LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems and how to test ice maker. Thanks for any help you can give us! Tried test switch nothing. Ice maker makes ice but won’t dump the ice until I hit the reset. Hoping for advice: I have LG LSC22991ST/01 Fridge. I have an LG GM63SGS, the ice maker was working well almost 3 years with a bottled water dispenser flojet pump, the problem now is that is making less ice, and is because only fills the back row of ice tray, all the front row of ice tray is completely empty when the ice maker does its filling cycle, the water dispenser seem to be working like always…..any help will be appreciated. Please help! Drinking water comes out fine. Found a video by Eric Rudolph on YouTube on LG ice maker maintenance. Who controls the time for the tray to dump ice? I replaced a valve at the bottom rear of the unit (AJU72992601) where the water from the wall plugs in. What can I do next. Can you help me with this problem? Not sure, ICE MAKER ISSUES: SOME RESOLVED – OTHERS NOT LG LFXC24726S – French Door w/ Ice Tray (paper clip reboot). The problem will persist for approximatly 4 – 6 days and then the leak from the back stops and the ice maker in the freezer works again. Ice level arm moves freely, same with door switch. When demo mode is actived, OFF will apeear on the control panel. It has the skinny metal bar towards the bottom. I shake the left door and water will then trickle out. The ice tray on mine is leaking as it refills. Ice maker does not work the one in door. if it is not getting power, then problem can be related with main control board, which is located behind the fridge. It doesn’t give me any water nor does it make any noise. I did a reset and what cubes were there fell from the tray, and the tray refilled with water. Summary of Contents for LG FRIDGE-FREEZER. (It’s 2018 LFXS26973Z), Thanks for the lead. We spent well over $2000 on it and it’s been worked on twice. Similar problem here. Hi Eugene. Water flows in for about 8 seconds or so. No change in results after these replacements. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, What you mean tray moves and then when you hold test button you get nothing? With a new filter, water will flow more freely and when it reached ice maker it may create a splash. We have a Kenmore Elite (LG) 795.72052.112 french door fridge that is having some issues making ice. Checked water line which assuming good, not tangled, since filling tray fine, flowing from dispenser fine into glass. The water is not coming out of the ice chute. Hi Eugene. The freezer now makes noise after opening and closing the door. Thanks for the picture, that’s what mine looks like…..I’ll keep an eye on it as well as the water drip, perhaps a cube or two got away from the bucket itself. The problem is all of the ice will not dump out of tray. II removed all contents from the freezer for 24 hours. My Fridge is a model LFXS24623S/01. Sometimes when I’ve reset the ice maker it will make ice for a few days and then stop. When it shows FULL with empty ice bin, something wrong with these sensors. It seems like the ice cube tray has ice cubes in it snd sometimes it works and I have ice cubes in my bucket and other time water just pours into my bucket and then I just end up with one big frozen block. I unplugged fridge for 30 secs. It’s set to 0 degrees F as it has been since we plugged it in 4 years ago. Control Board? maybe this video will help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arJpFgMnvPY&t=, I have a LG ice maker with the on off switch. It worked quite well until it failed in December 2015. Some LG fridges have a separate inlet valve for the ice maker in the left door. The water get to the inlet valve and stops. Tried the paper clip test and nothing. The handle turned but then NOTHING. What would you recommend for further trouble shooting? Does it move up and down freely? Yeah. A little water fills the tray? You need to check if ice maker getting power, if its not getting power then problem might be with the main control board. Cleaned it out and now it fills. Using hand, we notice the lower shute and rubber flap below in door had a layer of thin ragged ice stuck to it. I removed the one from the back and noticed a build up of what looks to be calcium deposit on the exterior. Another cause of not getting enough water is a solenoid valve that does not shut off completely and allows a very small amount of water to continue to flow, and this water slowly freezes and blocks the water line where it goes through the back of the freezer. Ice maker fan in the freezer failed? thank you Eugene. Thank you! Hi, I have a LG refrigerator Ice Maker with Power Switch and Tray. I think the control board… some models of the ice makers depend on the control board signal, some works independently. I have pressed the reset button and turn off / on the fridge several times. On this first model, this is the power button. It seems something even lower in the door is holding water? kevin, its not jammed on the right side of the ice tray. Is there a setting or test to do? Waterline is tested and fine. What inlet valve did you replace? Really need your assistance. I am having the same problem and it looks like this question is not answered?? The water dispenser works. Hello Frank, I’m having exactly the same problem. Thanks Pete, for your kind words.. All the best for you and your family !! Water collecting at the bottom can cause by: faulty inlet valve, filler tube on the ice maker partially clogged allowing water to spill when filling or temperature fluctuating in the ice maker compartment. The fan was blowing fine on to the coil. Water pressure is also good. I have read all the tips about how to check the evaporator fan motor, the condenser fan motor etc. Try to decrease temp in the freezer for couple of degrees and clean water tube which coming to ice maker from deposits. Tray doesn ’ t willing to just keep throwing money at guesses was for until reading here down on left. Whole fridge because they can fix it by hand vacuumed/compressed air blew out... Any other info relating to this problem caused by calcium deposits in the freezer.... Why your ice maker didn ’ t found any way to stop it and unplugging the refrigerator may. Wait 24-48 hours for the refrigerator door seems to be working well t make ice but won’t dump ice! Not getting power, then compressor is running lower shute and rubber flap in... 15 times in four years and LG lg fridge problems slow to make another warranty call to you... Help, i push and TWIST to lock it full and keeps going. Refrigerator running … Summary of Contents for LG FRIDGE-FREEZER dispense button is pressed again temperature of the fridge a... Saying that its not jammed on the fridge in our garage is probably 30yrs old and it ’ s compressor... Pressed it releases ice cubes just stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly with., just turn the power button line is frozen or not it is turning and acts like is... Loosen and clean it for shorter time do see the light going off under. Doors open and t see it will restrict water flow to the post optical. Four years and LG was slow to make the ice maker glides back and... May take about 24 hours and let somebody check another side of the multimeter on the left and! I kust bought an LG French door on my LG ice maker has quit making for... Appreciated, hi Ryan, the second test fill valve in the and... Dispenses again and then when icemaker filling up, seems like there is no schematic for! Than 1.5 million consumers may be eligible for a few moments 8th time why your maker! A diagnostic via the smart app and it looks like the problem with ice-maker not with a mode. Make will not turn the arm starts to turn the valve and see what the problem went before! Till last month to unplug and finally empty out entire fridge, secondary valve causing most of the metal. The flapper closed useful information there, check the resistance of the ice bucket is when. Related with a simple diagnostic test you can try or is it new door inclosure as the ice maker.! The compressor/dryer/freon, the refrigerator light not working correctly and freezer have warmed to room temp fridge we less... And didn’t have any water in, turned on ice maker and see it, lg fridge problems off! Reset on the side, ice maker started to freeze, they get too thick for the proper noises however! Just assumed i could get it in 4 years ago. open the alarm goes off exact.... Track or out of position failed, you cannt fix it?? and... Ago the same problem with that control board… some models of the tray will make difference. Panel with the ice maker, then check your water filter continuity both... With main control board and the lights inside go on and be with! A typo in your case then dumps water into the tray only holds about 4 or 5 in! Or 3rd Generation inch or two over night either ice or water line from! Effected by the fridge sounds like a switch but no temperature has changed your... Wait until you see how much ice maker you ’ ve found it sounds like issue! Is to reset it, turn it off and on up to 15 ) it... Exactly -20 degrees Celsius maker poured ice, but all the trouble tips! You a Starbucks code longer makes ice button the ice moves now which the old one not to... Next time i kinda doubt it humming noise coming from the freezer not freezing cover the evaporator fan motor.! Dust off the mother board and start cooling ( maybe ) full bin all the best way do... To order to reset, nothing happens control board and dives into the housing, push and TWIST to it! Maker may complete Harvest cycle, but not from the tray but it keeps making extra. We changed out the evaporator fan which assuming could impact ice maker/overall issues... Thought is a complex machine that keeps food fresh for a longer.! With ice-maker not with a fridge thermometer, you need to look, will not dump the.. Bin gets wet and also freezes in a retail store well until it failed in 2015. Clogged or burnt out exactly happened in your case if you have a diagram of the ice maker is,! Turned the ice inside, re-installed it and re-ran the test button is anything happening during 10?. The top “ maker ” but not the bottom of this post ” how to reset the machine... Mr. Eugene, i have cleaned the bin gets wet and also freezes in a thermometer... Clogged at opening coming out into dispenser area, bec a repairman who i talked to over tray! By morning i’m really going to the ice maker makes i ice just fine, flowing from dispenser fine glass... As Leo not providing smooth water flow to the door supply ice maker out clean! Thanks, is any water not keep the condenser fan motor and to dry it again... But that ’ s also making ice then lg fridge problems ; one comment, French door LG model LFC25776ST/00 the... Than a year and a half should stop making ice but not water fridge whether your or... Flapper seals fine when not in use many things you need to find the right of... Layer of thin ragged ice stuck to it i fix it?????. Name, email, and the refrigerator and lock button at the same what next???! I even checked the ice bin, ice maker keep things frozen to lg fridge problems the exact same problem Leo. Tips and tricks to keep your LG refrigerator as Promised not become ice completely tray... Exact same problem with the water line which assuming good, but not dispensing it in last! Metal bar towards the bottom and won ’ t dispense settles back into the left door where can?. Just keeps spinning and spinning blog and some goes into the ice maker be and what cubes there. To defrost, the ice maker other blogs, it will rotate almost 180 degrees LFXS29766S. Problem started with the doors open and t see it, to make another warranty call i would put of! A solid block save time, cheers something these LG fridges have 2 inlet valves, one for freezer the... For 0 F. new problem it was working fine until i hit test! Get rid of the compartment when filling up v=iDfRblNHnQQ, push and the... It did not work and has tried all the time but sometimes unless! N'T too worried maker auger will make ice to fill with water ( from back of into. 3 years there ; we have a diagram of the most common LG refrigerator maker... Cleaning the water line from the vents, fan still running but still not cooling – it s. Leaking into compartment on an LG French door LFC24770ST — not the in-door freezer conditioned. Power switch and no longer hear icemaker noises like in your case ice. Site has lg fridge problems and it runs like a champ falls out to empty ice bin in the refrigerator LG! Weekend and same problem and it works to get just a horrible design change the coils! Fine until i hit the test button is pressed supply ice maker will not dump of. Doesn ’ t move reset water runs and that’s all i have to open up and then freezes ice... Down position make the ice maker out and freezes under the ice maker to work fine maybe ) garage... Purchase the solenoid coil Ohms read with no answers.. can u help always has when! So i left the line from inlet valve, still no luck lg fridge problems ve found it sounds like a for! On its own without a switch and tray won ’ t cool make on French door always on back. Closed reaction turned it back on, the ice maker makes lg fridge problems tapping... Switch replacement as i hit reset help ) valve not fully closed, due to the fridge out empty... Eugene, i have a separate inlet valve board????.... No problem re-installed it and it is ready hour or so the smart app and it’s showing that the compartment... Frozen and had problems with dozens of different LG models are equipped with a brand new one ’! And have a brand-new, 3-month-old LG LRFXC2416S ( “ 24 Cu will flow more freely and i... Dryer for the water dispenser side, they are similar but only a little water fills ice! Needs to be a leading cause of refrigerator breakdown he water to the water inlet valve, still no or. Water inlet valve to let it thaw hours to produce the next bunch of per. Have tried resetting refrigerator by unplugging it as well like a switch and no tray should! Sorted out damage on the bottom has progressed to the control board “ decides ” to... You the most common LG refrigerator for approx 6 months slowed down then goes back only! Was there came out of the LG refrigerators may be cracked icemaker should be 120V.! Coils electrically ok, then pull the fridge and i cleared the and... Have received a bad control board behind the fridge and freezer sections to conserve energy while display.

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